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lineo Brushes

lineo Brushes

lineo is a premium brand for artist brushes & cosmetic brushes. For more than 110 years, the brushes are traditionally handmade in Germany. lineo is a part of MESKO since 2019. » more

Committed to Quality

Committed to Quality

For more than 100 years, the name Mesko stands for the highest quality and technical progress. Sustainable action is the foundation for continuously success and the future.

kolibri Brushes

kolibri Brushes

kolibri is our artist brush brand for creative minds all over the world. Traditionally handmade in Germany. Strong in synthetics, fresh and innovative. » mehr


The Science of Brush Making

Mesko Brush Makers produces a diverse range of approximately 10,000 brushes for both craftsmen and artists. Brushes are fabricated through mechanized processes or in adherence to traditional handmade techniques. This legacy is rooted in the extensive history of brush making within the Ansbach district.
Just recently, Süddeutsche Zeitung visited us. Many thanks to Maximilian Gerl for your interest and the great article about our brush factory!

Ausgabe 01-2024 / vbw Unternehmermagazin

... the Mesko company is one of the largest manufacturers
and has the goal of maintaining the special skills and using modern ones
to further develop technology...

Ausgabe 12-2023 / Der Maler und Lackierermeister

...Yes, that still exists!

Mesko-Pinsel produces brushes for professinals and artistss and various plastic products on over 11,000 m² in a modern factory which was built in 2021.

(article is only in german language available)

Creativeworld 2024 - We will be there!

We are delighted to welcome you to Creativeworld 2024 from January 27th to 30th! The fair presents a fantastic opportunity to connect, explore new ideas, and discover the latest trends in the world of creativity. Visit our booth to explore innovative products, engage in inspiring conversations, and be enthralled by our brushes. We can't wait to meet you in person and share an inspiring time at the exhibition!

"Open for Maintenance - Wegen Umbau geöffnet“

German Contribution at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, May 20 - November 26, 2023
Instagram: @germanpavilionvenice

In 2023, the German Pavilion in Venice becomes a workshop for six months. Used building materials from past exhibitions will be repurposed there. Architecture students and apprentices from the crafts will use the materials to perform minor repairs and maintenance work in collaboration with local initiatives in the city of Venice. We have supported the project workshop by donating numerous brushes.

The workshop in Venice was inaugurated, among others, by German Federal Minister for Building, Klara Geywitz. She was particularly impressed not only by the concept itself but also by the collaboration between students and apprentices in the workshop.

Our MESKO brushes are in daily use there and are indispensable for this unique project! Apprentices from various vocational schools in the painting and varnishing trade, in collaboration with the Sto Foundation, renovated a cultural center in Venice. Students from the Peter Behrens School of Architecture in Düsseldorf, together with students from Münster, installed sanitary facilities in an old salt storage warehouse. Students from RWTH Aachen have built a new ticket booth for a small football club in Venice - and painted it in the club's colors with their Mesko brushes. Finally, students from the Alanus University used their brushes for further maintenance work on the German Pavilion in Venice.

PPG visited our Brush Factory

PPG visited our Brush Factory

It was a pleasure to us, welcoming our friends from PPG to our plant in Wieseth. In six groups, our guests had the opportunity to learn more about the procedures and processes of our brush factory. However, it was not to be a typical tour - we had prepared a programme for the entire day. The main topic of which was "Coatings & Glazes". In addition to a theoretical block with further product information, application tips and tricks, the participants got hands-on training in the application room. Together we tested different varnishes and glazes with different Mesko brushes. We had dinner together and enjoyed Franconian specialties. The day ended with a night watchman tour in Münster. We are very pleased to further deepen our long-standing partnership with PPG every year!

Our new Catalogue has arrived!

Finally, our new Mesko Pain Brush Catalogue 2023 has arrived. We have composed an assortment for you, which meets the highest standards. Professional quality from the market leader. Download it now, simply by clicking on the image.

This was CreativeWorld 2023

This was CreativeWorld 2023

After a long Corona break, we were very excited that this year we could finally start exhibiting again! We were also very excited about our new exhibition booth format. For the first time ever, we presented our two artist brush brands lineo and kolibri - an exciting brand mix! However, we were also a little worried about whether it would be as well frequented and busy as "before".

Our worries quickly evaporated - the trade fair was a complete success. We were very pleased to welcome countless customers, partners, friends and many new customers from all over the world as visitors to our stand.

Our conclusion: The trade fair was clearly one of the most successful ones we have ever been to. There has been a strong increase in demand within our private label segment. However, the strongest growth was with our lineo and kolibri artist brushes. To us, this is a clear confirmation that we are on the right track in terms of product quality, product range policy and our brand promise!

Maler TV visits our brush factory

Not long ago, Maler TV together with the German Painters National Team have visited our Mesko Brush Factory in Germany. What many of our visitors did not know is that traditional craftsmanship is still a thing in todays in brush production. One or the other professional finally tried to make a paint brush themselves which taught them a lot about the paniters' most important tool. During joint painting and application tests, we compared different materials, their painting characteristics and the finish. Afterwards, we went to the "German Paintbrush Museum" in Bechhofen. There, the painters had the chance to learn more about the history of paint brushes and their production. The profession of brush maker not only has a long history to look back on, but also a bright future ahead!

Creativeworld 2023 - We are exhibiting!

The last few years have been quite surreal. It was a very strange and gray time. All the more reason for us all to be happy that this is finally over. Now it's up to us to bring back joy and colors into our lives. Creativeworld 2023 in Frankfurt is just the perfect event for that!
It's nice to finally go to a trade show again to exhibit. We are really looking forward to the hustle and bustle of the show and meeting our friends, customers and partners. Most of all, we are looking forward to learn more about the latest trends and developments – needless to say, we are going to be a part of it as we will also be presenting a few exceptional new products that have been waiting far too long to be released.
Visit our booth 1.1 B69, 4-7 February 2023. See you there!

New: MESKO Painting Accessories

New: MESKO Painting Accessories

we now also produce painting accessories such as paint trays or plaster cups. Recycled raw materials and the durability of all our products are very important to us.

Our all new Konex Brushes

We have developed our much desired Konex® material a few years ago. It is unique on the market and a true success story with professionals just loving it! Since our Konex® brushes have been proving themselves for quite some time now, we thought it was the perfect time for a fresher product design and a few product innovations.

The extremely fine and soft synthetic hair has not really changed a lot. However, with the new generation, the spring feels a little more pleasant and the hair body is accordingly densely worked. The most noticeable innovation is noticeable straight away. The bright blue color of the synthetic fibers ensures one will always find the right brush right away.

We also decided on something more eye-catching for the color of the plastic ferrule. With the new Konex® Flat-, Ring- and Radiator Brushes, we have chosen a vivid orange that helps stand out from the crowd and encourages one to give their projects a more distinctive coat of paint. The new Konex® Window Brushes, Round Brushes, and Line Drawer Brushes continue to come with our proven stainless steel ferrule.

For all brushes, we have opted for the characteristic natural wood handle. It provides a good grasp and guarantees a secure change of grip while painting. The wooden handles we use for making our paintbrushes only come from sustainable European forestry.

Our Konex® brushes ensure a streak-free, spotless finish and support efficient and clean painting. The dense hair body allows a smooth and even application of paints and coatings. These brushes are definitely the first choice for demanding painting jobs and high-gloss finishes.

Konex® brushes are exceptionally well suited for all water-based coatings and are great for the application of solvent-based coatings and glazes. Regardless of the application, Konex® brushes are easy to clean, solvent-resistant, and, with appropriate care characterized by their longevity.

Brush Maker Kolibri is now a Proud Part of Mesko

Since January 2022, the brush maker kolibri Pinsel is part of Mesko Pinsel GmbH. The acquisition marks another important milestone in the history and future of both companies. With this takeover, a further step has been taken to bundle competencies, use synergies and to preserve the traditional Franconian craft of brush making. All employees will have their contracts renewed and will continue to have a secure job at Mesko in Wieseth. Brushes of the traditional brand kolibri have a long history dating back to 1898. Everything started in the Franconian town of Bechhofen and kolibri artist brushes were exported all over the world soon after the company was founded. Ever since production and quality consistency have been the warrants of national and international success and good customer relations. With this corporate philosophy, kolibri fits very well into the world of Mesko Pinsel GmbH. It is largely owed to the forward-thinking management of kolibri that the trend of synthetic/vegan brushes was recognized early on and taken into account accordingly in product development. Today, kolibri brushes is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of synthetic artist brushes and will further strengthen this market position in the future.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Dear business partners & customers, the exciting and eventful year 2021 is now coming to an end. It was a year full of ups and downs – a year that demanded an enormous amount of energy from all of us. Thanks to our loyal customers and strong partners, we can leave this time behind us together and successfully! We want to take this opportunity to thank you all very much. We wish you and your families a blessed Christmas season and of course a happy new year!

Our Christmas present

This year, our Christmas present goes to Burundi in East Africa. In the village of Gitaramuka, there is a settlement of Batwa Pygmies. Among them live around 300 children who constantly fear starvation. Starting in January 2022, each of these children will receive a large cup of porridge every morning. We are very happy to be able to support Kinderwerk Lima with this project. We will give 62 children a meal every day for a whole year.

Please note:
Physical Inventory & Corporate Holidays
From 17.12.2021 until 07.01.2022
Last day receiving goods: 16.12.2021
Last shipments: 17.12.2021

Reducing Energy Consumption and Waste

Reducing Energy Consumption and Waste

Increasingly, global energy costs are rising and the finite nature of resources are posing new challenges for companies and, consequently, for end users and consumers. Generally, this has to do with respect for the resources our planet provides and how we are using them. Considering this, the end of the throwaway society seems to be near and we all shall rethink the way we are using these resources. This is why we have already started to rethink the way we produce and we are working on greener and more sustainable operational business processes. Both the optimization of energy consumption and the production of green energy have a direct impact on our environment, the consumption of valuable resources and, of course, on costs. Another rarely considered aspect of working with resources is the reduction of waste. We optimize production processes to reduce waste and strive to avoid packaging material wherever we can. This has a huge impact on our environmental impact. After all, everything that is disposed has first to be produced, purchased and transported several times. We want to break this cycle. Optimization and innovation will help all of us save resources.

Security as a Growth Driver

Security as a Growth Driver

Security for growth
As a manufacturing company, we always try to keep up with the latest trends and recognize them at an early stage. Our open approach has been part of our success for many years. We owe our competitive lead to new technologies and to our continuous striving for excellence in customer service. Together with our customers, we have managed to grow constantly. That’s why for or us it is clear to continue our success story in Germany where it started more than 100 years ago. We are going to use the newly created space and synergies to become even better. We want to provide end-users with the tools they need to be successful. This will help us to further strengthen our position as the leading brush manufacturer in Europe within a changing market. Another aspect that is very important to us is fair pay. We clearly oppose wage/quality & price dumping in low-wage countries as this not only harms the environment but also the people! For our customers, all this means more security. Security in product quality. Security in the transparency of the origin of the products and security in the supply of their products.

Together for our Region

Together for our Region

As an employer, we have a social responsibility toward our employees and their families. As a company, we therefore also bear responsibility for the development of our region, social stability, and equal opportunities. It is therefore close to our hearts to contribute to the creation of new, secure jobs through further investments, and steady company growth. We want to provide young talents with solid vocational training and long-term prospects in our company. With the areas of plastics technology, mechanical engineering, manual brush production and administration, we offer an attractive working environment that is based on both high-tech and tradition.

MESKO Sustainability Goals

MESKO Sustainability Goals

In 2017, we began to plan our new factory building in Germany. In the course of the preparations, it has become apparent that economic goals and environmental and social goals are inextricably linked. In the end, however, it all comes down to people and as a manufacturer, we rely on our team. That’s why we have incorporated these three areas in our corporate strategy to become a great place to work. As a result, we have defined targets that we were pursuing with our new production facility to create the structure and the space we need to succeed. We are convinced these goals will influence the future development of our company, positively impact our culture, and provide the foundation for continued growth. In our upcoming posts, we will focus on some of the details of our sustainability goals.

110 Years lineo Artist Brushes

In 1911, 110 years ago, Albert Bieringer founded a small brush factory in Bechhofen, Germany. With a handful of employees and a clear vision, he thus laid the foundation for the later international success of our handmade lineo artist brushes. Albert Bieringer has always been committed to the high quality of his brushes. Also has it been him, who began to implement innovation as one of the company’s core values. It is no surprise that Albert Bieringer saw his company growing during his lifetime...

2021 Floods in Germany - We are helping!

Heavy storms caused a severe flood in mid-July. It left a trail of devastation in wide parts of western Germany. Houses have been destroyed, livelihoods have been shattered, and people went missing or have died.
However, with this unimaginable amount of suffering and destruction, it is good to see that there is so much cohesion and support within the community. Countless private individuals and companies from all over Germany have been quick to act and have either actively participated in the clean-up efforts or provided help either financially or by sending goods and products people need.
We are glad that together with Dorschel GmbH, we can help by sending paint brushes and painting tools. Our financial support went to Evangelische Freikirche Siegburg. They are providing support for those most in need. Contact information can be found at
Every contribution makes a difference. Everybody can help!

Our official opening

We are very pleased to announce the official opening of our new factory in Wieseth, Germany. The main topic of our opening event, was Green Manufacturing and how we managed to go green with our new facility. One of our main partners for this was HEG Energie. They have installed the photovoltaic panels on our factory’s roof, producing most of the energy needed to produce our brushes. Among our valued guests were Member of the Bundestag Artur Auernhammer, CSU, MdL Alfons Brandl, District Counsillor Hans Popp and well-known entrepreneurs from the region. After a tour through our factory, we presented our new Concept for Innovation and Sustainability. We want to thank all our guests for their visit and the great atmosphere they brought to this event.

Our new factory starts operations

After two years of construction, our new factory in Wieseth, Germany finally starts operations on November 20 2020. One by one, our four production sites moved to our new factory. Our three divisions and brands are now all located in Europe's most advanced brush factory.